Christopher Lloyd spoke today at the Finding Petroleum event on Decommissioning - The D Word held at the Royal Geological Society in London.

Mr Lloyd spoke about the scale of the work ahead in the UK, removing Britain's old and disused oil and gas platforms before they decay too far and become a danger to shipping and marine life. The UK has a long history of extracting energy resources from the North Sea but the next key challenges is how to solve the problem of dismantling, removing and disposing of the installations in compliance with tough legal obligations.

Imge courtesy of Allseas.

This year’s report from Douglas-Westwood predicts that the UK will spend 30-35 billion on decommissioning between now and 2040. But don’t think of it as 35 billion pounds. Think of it as 300 structures. Take it in bite-sized pieces.

Of that, slightly less than half is plugging and abandonment, but the next biggest part is preparing and then removing topsides and structures.

He was also recently quoted on Rigzone regarding the lack of current experience in this type of work.

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