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Business Strategy

With increased pressure on budgets and the need to reduce spending, companies need robust strategies to move forwards. CL Consultancy helps clients develop corporate strategies to maintain and even increase market share, improve revenue and cut out wasteful costs. The core areas where we work are:

  • Participation in the concept phase and strategy definition;
  • Investigation of areas of improvement from base principles;
  • Participation in meetings with clients in order to present new products and services;
  • Mentoring and tutoring of junior executives;
  • Support in identifying opportunities for follow-up projects.

All the services of a big consultancy company, scaled to your organisation.

Bids and Tendering

When is client is putting out a large tender to the market, extra help is often needed in order to clarify the company's requirements. CL Consultancy can provide a professional to give expert guidance and support. We focus on:

  • Developing a tendering strategy to clearly articulate the client's needs;
  • Communicating with suppliers and ensuring solutions are available;
  • Checking that suppliers' products or services comply with the client's needs and meet industry standards;
  • Making sure that final contracts work for the client.

Similarly, companies bidding on new projects may want to improve their existing commercial department in order increase their win rates, by:

  • Developing a win strategy for the bid;
  • Understanding a client's true needs and developing solutions;
  • Presenting the company's offering in the best format;
  • Making sure that final contracts work for the supplier;

Cl Consultancy can also provide expert advice on streamlining the process so the time and cost of the tendering phase can be reduced for all parties involved.

Contract Management

Project outcomes and teams can be positively influenced by timely specialist intervention. Once contracts have been awarded, CL Consultancy provides management on working with suppliers and clients, including new procurement, conflict resolution and , project recovery, claims, adjudication, arbitration, dispute management, dispute resolution and expert witness services.

We believe a "win-win" for both client and supplier is both possible in all situations and most desirable.

Training and Support

CL Consultancy can run in-house training courses and help companies develop their own. CL Consultancy's trainers have been instructing courses for over fifteen years. Such courses can include:

  • Strategy Development;
  • Project Management;
  • Risk Assessment (including HazId and HazOps);
  • Cultural Awareness;
  • Lean Operations (cutting out wasteful costs and processes);
  • Professional Development.

These courses, as well as other support, can also be offered to individuals seeking to improve their personal profiles.

Additional Options

CL Consultancy can advise on a wide range of business topics. We can provide a range of other services including:

  • Expert Witnessing;
  • Project Management;
  • Market Research and Insights;
  • Conference and Presentation Development.

Please feel free to send us a request to see if we can help.